Social Media Marketing

To be competitive today, financial advisors should be using social media to engage connections and capture qualified prospects.

Digital Foundation: This strategy is underpinned by your Digital Foundation, that is:

  • Client and 1st degree connections on social networks, the three most important (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook)
  • Contact database
  • Contacts in a CRM system (e.g., SalesForce, RedTail)
  • LinkedIn Connections
  • Alerts and monitoring

Strategy:  Filter and Target 1:1 to Engage and Capture Qualified Prospects

1.  Deepen your relationships and networking effectiveness:

Follow your contacts’ online activities across social networks, online news/PR, syndicated blog feeds (RSS feeds) and the like.

linkedin logoFBtwitter




2.  Filter and Focus:

Use tools to  help filter and focus on your targets for deeper 1:1 engagement.  There are several good tools that are easy to use, free too.


job change notifiednewsle-logo


  • Cloze is a free service that brings together your lifetime’s worth of email, business connections, social networks, and address books into a single useful view.
  • Cloze scores every contact, by analyzing and rating your interactions with your contacts to determine relationship strength and assign a score
  • Cloze Score then monitors your most important, highest scoring relationships to ensure you never miss an important message and are alerted to relevant news about these connections.


  • Newsle finds articles about you, your friends and colleagues, and anyone else you care about and notifies you minutes or hours after they’re published.
  • You sign up for Newsle and import your Facebook Friends or LinkedIn contacts and choose people you want to follow.


  • JobChangeNotifier is a LinkedIn add-on feature.  You simply connect your LinkedIn account, choose which connections you want to track, and you will automatically be notified when any of them gets a new job, leaves their current one, or gets promoted.

Items 3 & 4 relate to advisors who have a campaign , e.g., Schwab Advisors who can tap in the Schwab’s RiA Stands for You campaign resources. Programs for Schwab RIAs

3. Enhance 1:1 engagement with campaign value proposition content

4. Tailor your sales presentation with campaign messages

5. Survey your clients to find your “NPS®” (Net Promoter® Score) promoters and to improve
your service

  •  Your clients are your most important asset and the primary source for referrals.
  • A Voice of the Consumer Survey identifies your most likely referral sources and creates insights to improve your practice.
  • Equip your promoters with the collateral, campaign brochure tools, etc. — including tailor content from and the campaign brochure.
  • The Net Promoter® methodology offers an effective framework for the survey.
Source: Satmetrix Net Promoter Score Community

Source: Satmetrix Net Promoter Score Community


Are you ready for the “new marketing”?  We can get you up and running with smart digital strategies. Here are two options:

  1. Download the Revenue Performance Diagnostic
  2. Schedule a 1/2 hour complimentary consultation here!


This is Part III of our Wealth Advisor Marketing series “Digital is the New Marketing.” Links to the first two in the series provided below



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  1. Dan Dougherty
    Dan Dougherty says:

    Therese hits on many super important points for a Financial Advisor, RIA or Practice Leader.  Tools like Cloze and Newsle are great ways to stay ‘smart’ about the people in your network. And I am of the opinion that no other measurement on practice effectiveness is more important than the Net Promoter Score.  Great post!

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