To be competitive today, financial advisors should be using social media to engage connections and capture qualified prospects.

Digital Foundation: This strategy is underpinned by your Digital Foundation, that is:

  • Client and 1st degree connections on social networks, the three most important (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook)
  • Contact database
  • Contacts in a CRM system (e.g., SalesForce, RedTail)
  • LinkedIn Connections
  • Alerts and monitoring

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Speaking with NAPFA at the Bentley University Campus

John Stone and Kristen Luke (via Skype from San Diego!) spent the morning with a group of financial advisors as part of their monthly program.

We discussed the landscape of new marketing including the key elements and concepts that drive the adoption on digital marketing strategies. We also took a tour of the “tools of the trade” and discussed ways that advisors are using social media today. Finally we discussed the call to action – how to get started with social media and new marketing.  Our new program: Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors is launching this Spring and offers advisors an opportunity for hands on workshops to build their web presence – social media, content development and website strategy.

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