The Revenue Architecture Blueprint is a tailored, phased process to envision your revenue strategy, identify enabling revenue systems and architect revenue campaigns and programs.

1. Markets & Buyers – Select markets and buyers and isolate audience segments where you are best positioned to engage and win.

  • Identify and select target markets based on attractiveness and ability to compete.
  • Isolate audience and personas for priority engagement.
  • Prioritize target segments and audience for engagement based on external and internal readiness.

2. Valued Offerings – Craft brand and offer value propositions and  lifecycle messaging.

  • Assess, validate and enhance brand level value proposition and elevator speech.
  • Create narrative that differentiates your products and services.
  • Create persuasive lifecycle messaging for prospect DMUs and personas.

3. Go-to-Market – Architect engagement strategies and core funnels to access your markets and engage buyers.

  • Map target segments to ‘campaign archetypes’ and define the channel and media mix.
  • Identify an initial campaigns and program portfolio,
  • Establish the initial program and campaign calendar.