Asset management firms find it increasingly difficult to capture advisor attention. New fiduciary standards, shifts toward a higher weighting of passive investments, robo and fintech solutions and the growing importance of fee-based models are adding pressure to traditional active investment and distribution strategies. Financial Advisors value relationships that go beyond product. Many value partnerships with asset management firms that enable them to better position portfolio management and investment strategies with their clients.

While effective outbound sales by consultative wholesalers remains vital, it is no longer adequate to generate the level of awareness and sustainable demand for investment products. Asset management firms need to define their intermediary marketing strategy by segmenting their advisor audience and aligning marketing and sales programs around ‘best-fit’ segments. A segment-driven mix of Inbound Marketing, Account-based Marketing and PR/Social Media and outbound sales engagement can help investment management firms better engage advisors across wirehouse, Indy and independent RIAs.

We offer a leading practice focused on advisor engagement. The focus of our consulting and agency services is on developing advisor engagement programs that integrate the front office of marketing, sales. From our work with financial advisors, we have developed insights that asset management firms can use to deliver more effective and tailored advisor marketing programs to convert leads, deepen and expand advisor relationships.

  • Advisor Buyer Engagement
  • Closed Loop Marketing
  • Campaign Design and Automation
  • Marketing and Sales Technology
  • Sales Enablement
  • Social Media Marketing.

“John Stone is one our top-rated speakers at Schwab Impact. His presentations on social media and digital marketing are helping advisors accelerate their engagement in this increasingly important strategy.”

Investment Management

“The workshop series helped us envision our digital marketing strategies across consumer and intermediary businesses giving us a view into the disruptions of emerging digital and social media.”


Revenue Architects introduced an innovative idea to expand our advisor engagement and help our wholesaler teams open the door with like-minded financial advisors. The inbound marketing program aligns with our brand identity and provides advisors compelling content and tools to engage clients – opening the door for our sales teams to build relationships.

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