These 9 questions can help you rapidly assess gaps and opportunities in your Revenue Architecture and set a path to more predictable and sustainable revenue growth.

1. Are you selecting the right markets and identifying the right audience segments to engage?  Identifying ideal buyers, competitive analysis, using data and analytics, isolating audiences for targeted engagement.

2. Are your offerings differentiated and your messaging engaging buyers across the stages of their buying journey? Continuously innovating offerings for competitive differentiation, articulating value propositions,  creating lifecycle buyer messaging.

3. Are you identifying optimal ways to access accounts and buyers with funnels, channels, and the right marketing and sales mix? Revenue funnels,  campaign archetypes, programs portfolio, planning and calendar.

4. Does your brand platform (visual identity, website, digital channels and collateral) tell a story and engage your audience? Visual design, brand identity, marketing and sales collateral, responsive website, social media presence, 3rd party channels.

5. Does your technology stack enable full-funnel marketing and sales and deliver data-driven insights and audience understanding? Marketing Automation, Landing Pages, Workflows, Sales Process Optimization, Email Marketing, Lead Scoring, Sales Intelligence, CRM, Digital Engagement, Customer Data Platform,  Business Intelligence.

6. Do you have the right operating model (people, process and organization) to drive revenue performance at the right cost of sales?   Model alignment,  full-funnel marketing and sales processes, organization structure and capacity, territories, skills and resources, sales enablement.

7. Are you designing, building and executing optimized buyer engagement campaigns programs that deliver on goal metrics? Demand Generation, Campaign Optimization, Content Marketing, ABM, Inbound, Outbound, Prospect Care and Nurture.

8. Are sales teams skilled and effectively engaging prospects, orchestrating opportunities and closing sales at the expected rate?  Sales Skills, Sales Methodologies, Activity Levels, Competencies.

9. Are you ensuring customer success and maximizing customer lifetime value through retention, cross-selling and up-selling? Delivering Effectively, Servicing Customers, Delighting, Account Management.