RiA Stands for You: Halo Effect for Advisor BrandingRiA Stands For You

It’s simple, yet powerful.  Leverage the distinctive brand identity in the Schwab RIA Stands for You (RiAS4U) campaign to elevate your brand image and credibility with clients, prospects and influentials as a Registered Independent Advisor (RIA).

  • Align your brand with the RiAS4U messaging
  • Follow the branding standards and creative brief provided by Schwab Advisors

Get started by standardizing the email signatures for each professional in your wealth advisory firm with RiAS4U.

  • While the main objective of an email signature is to enable your recipients to capture your contact information, making your logo prominent and part of the email signature at the top, followed by the contact information and with RiAS4U logo under these details, your firm will get brand lift.

See example below.


Schwab RIA Home Page

Schwab RiA Website with RiA Stands for You Branding


The halo effect of this will be felt as Schwab’s RiAS4U campaign adds momentum and your audience connects with the campaign advertising.
So don’t stop at the email signatures, consider:

  • Inviting prospects and contacts to access this information by sharing links to the riastandsforyou.com content page from your website and any of your electronic communications.
  • This will help your prospects ask the right questions when considering your firm as a wealth advisor.



RiA Stands for You Website: Navigation for Prospective Clients to Find Information


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This is Part II of our Wealth Advisor Marketing series “Digital is the New Marketing.” You can find Part I here: Establish an Effective Website Hub.

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