Professional Services firms fall along a continuum from luminary consulting to implementation services. The approach to marketing and sales will vary widely across this spectrum. Traditional partner-led consulting organizations retain a “seller-doer” model with a pyramid structure. However, even with highly independent partner-based selling, there is tremendous untapped potential for PS firms to better scale business development and take advantage of new strategies technology toward engaging accounts and business leaders.

The Continuum of Business Architectures

Firms move along a continuum in pursuit of either greater margin or greater scale. At one end of the continuum is “Commodity Product”  which offers higher scale but often lower margins. At the other end is “Luminary Consultant” which can offer higher margins, but often lower scale.  Firm often shifts their business model left or right along this continuum. But as they shift, the often fail to change their underlying revenue architecture – the building blocks of sales and marketing.

We help you design the go-to-market model that aligns with your business model and implement the systems and programs you need for effective customer acquisition and more sustainable, predictable and accelerated revenue growth.

Business Architecture Continuum
Sherwin Uretsky

Service focus for Professional Services

  • Revenue Architecture Methodology – Align around the universal language and model for marketing and sales
  • Sales Methodology – Customize and deploy a metrics driven sales process with funnel stage definitions
  • Must Win Process – enabling and facilitating the strategic account sale
  • Professional Development – Training for teams for Selling Professional Services and Persuasive Communications”
  • Team Selling – putting in place the structures for effective team sales to committee buyers
  • Navigating the seller/doer model – understand how to leverage the pyramid sales model
  • Sales Attribution – navigating the incentives that recognize the role of different team members
  • Account Management  – How to navigate the 3Cs of account management
  • Personal Branding – the seller doer model involves personal branding and presence
  • Account-based Marketing and Sales  – how to coordinate on key accounts and sector marketing

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