Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan


Accelerated, predictable, and sustainable revenue growth requires a company-wide commitment. When developing a marketing plan, consider these questions. These can help you develop your Revenue Architecture and expand your revenue performance potential.

The 9 dimensions take a broad view of revenue growth dimensions and help you focus your sales and marketing planning.

9 Questions for Your Sales and Marketing Plan


3 Revenue Strategy Questions


What are our ideal markets, segments and prospects?

  • Which are client segments and personas where we offer our greatest value?
  • What are the characteristics of the target market segments?
  • What personas / DMU are we targeting in each segment and what are their pain points?

How will we position our offerings for high priority segments?

  • Do we have a clear and compelling brand value propositions?
  • What is our ‘elevator speech’ and brand value proposition?
  • What is our offer level value positioning for each offer or different segment?

How will we access market segments / personas?

  • What strategies will help us build awareness and engage the prospective clients/ partners?
  • What are “watering holes” for different personas? What are the decision cycles?
  • What tactics, channels, media and marketing mix should we use?


3 Revenue Systems Questions


Is our brand platform up-to-date, adequate?

  • Do we have the right visual brand identity?
  • Does our website and digital channels enable engagement, self-sell and conversion?
  • Do we have the right content and collateral to engage with prospects in the funnel?

How will we use technology to execute programs and convert/ engage buyers?

  • Do we have the right marketing automation and CRM systems?
  • Is our database clean, accessible, managed and current?
  • Do we have the business intelligence and insights to drive business strategy decisions?

Do we have the right operating model?

  • Do we have the organization, talent, capacity, skills?
  • Does our marketing and sales process align with the client decision journey?
  • Is the process enabled with the right methodology and tools?


3 Revenue Programs Questions


What specific marketing campaigns will we execute?

  • What marketing campaigns and content are we going to execute to attract, engage and convert?
  • What are the elements of the campaigns (content, media, channels, plays)?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities to execute and how are we going to track results?

What sales programs will we execute?

  • What sales campaigns and programs do we use to engage prospects?
  • What are the elements of the campaigns?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities to execute and how do we track?

How do we ensure customer success?

  • How do we onboard new clients and partners?
  • How do we delight clients and partners with the services experiences we deliver?
  • What do we do to develop advocates that foster renewals and referrals?


Make it Ready, Make it Happen, Make it Stick


These 9 questions can help you develop your revenue architecture and marketing plan. They help you ‘make it ready’ by prioritizing and planning the changes required. Successful implementation goes further. “Make it happen” with solid execution is and “Make it Stick” by measuring results and adjusting to ensure success.


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