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The Flywheel Effect in Customer Lifecycle Marketing Sales and Service

Revenue only comes from one place – the customer. Too often, companies don’t fully consider the complete revenue picture when pursuing their revenue growth agenda. This post reinforces the importance of taking an end-to-end customer lifecycle and full-funnel perspective to create and optimize a comprehensive revenue architecture.

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9 Best Practices for Demand Generation and Buyer Engagement

A typical priority in revenue growth transformation and Revenue Architecture design is getting to the next level of Demand Generation and Buyer Engagement effectiveness.  Quite often, companies come to us with what they perceive as a “marketing execution” issue. When we dig a little deeper, it is often clear that while there can always be improvements in the mechanics of marketing execution, the core issues revolve around three key questions.  If you are looking to improve lead generation and lead nurture, you may want to focus on the core principles of buyer engagement. 

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LinkedIn Set Up and Automated Prospecting Tools

This article is periodically updated. It was originally published in 2013. Your LinkedIn profile is an outpost for your personal brand. For many, it takes the place of a website. It is a landing page you can manage and share your professional background, positions, experiences and achievements. A LinkedIn profile often takes the place of […]

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Prospect Qualification in the Age of Inbound Marketing

Qualification requires a more collaborative approach. Deal Qualification should not be considered as a moment in time, rather it happens thorough buyer engagement process and across the end-to-end marketing and sales funnel. Qualification is based on a body of knowledge and insights gained through prospect engagement along the buyer journey.