John Stone from Revenue Architects asked me this question over lunch. The answer I gave him got me thinking about a conversation I had at a conference a few years back.

I was approached by a business executive who asked me what is the difference between usability and user experience. My answer: Here’s the big difference, user experience is all about ROI (Return on Investment).

Integrated Digital Strategy


The start of any good user experience begins with a clear business goal. Whether it is a mobile app, website, or even a physical product a good user experience fulfills that need. Start by asking yourselves the hard questions – What do I want my users to do? What do I want them to accomplish? What is the call to action? Given that end goal, a good user experience optimizes the path and flow that they will need to take.

Done right, a good user experience can increase traffic, sales, conversions and even increase brand equity. Sounds too good to be true? Take this statistic on UX as your answer.

Every $1 invested in UX returns up to $100

Source: Usability in the Real World: The ROI of Usability

But be wary, a good user experience is not a “one size fits all” solution, it needs to be tailored to your individual business goals, customer profile, and even technology. This is where a user experience strategy comes in. It should outline your unique customer profile, product road map and metrics for success.

Working with a user experience team can help you facilitate, optimize, and create your own user experience strategy.

Want to see how your user experience stacks up? Or want your own user experience strategy? Contact Revenue Architects for a Digital Experience Index that includes a user experience review.


About Adrian Mendoza

With over 20 years of experience in design and user experience work, he has consulted on a variety of user experiences for web and mobile. These projects range from social media apps for orange juice to the user experience of an international airport. He is the co-founder of Marlin Mobile ( a company that provides performance data from real mobile devices to optimize and measure the performance of mobile user experiences. His is a partner a Mendoza design a UX consultancy. Mendoza design partners with Revenue Architects.

He is the author of the new mobile UX book – Mobile User Experience: Patterns to Make Sense of it All, published by Morgan Kaufmann last November. Read more at



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