I have been invited to speak as a guest lecturer at the MIT Sloan Sales Club on February 23 and when considering the right focus for the session, an important sales transformation issue came top of mind.

Call it sales 2.0 perhaps, but the real transformation has come from the intense competitive challenge and the need for a differentiated relationship process.

MIT Sloan Sales Club

Today’s sales teams clearly can no longer work through the phone book or the local business journal lists to find the target buyer. Today, sales managers must put together a far more integrated demand generation program and team up with marketing to make it happen.

In the session, I will explore the new dynamics of sales in today’s digital context. I will explore selling from the lens of the sales manager who must now orchestrate an integrated sales engine from demand generation and lead nurture to sales excellence and account management. In today’s environment, a fully aligned sales and marketing capability and integrated multi-touch campaigns are critical and sales must embrace new technology, content marketing and persuasive communications to meet targets.

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