We are working with a few clients to build and deploy solutions for Closed Loop Marketing. I was reviewing my materials and presentations in preparation for a meeting next week and thought I would scan the web to see what is out there..  I wanted to see a visual image – or diagram – that painted a good picture of closed-loop marketing.  I found a huge amount, bit very little that was on target with a good CLM vision and captured the key elements of both traditional and new media marketing. Marketing is one of the last business functions to embrace integrated technology solutions to automate the management of marketing logistics.  Unlike ERP and CRM, Marketing Automation is only now beginning to hit the growth curve.  With the advent of new media and the business complexity in managing data and blending traditional and new media channels with CRM/ sales force automation, leading companies are now adopting more sophisticated solutions. New technologies and new approaches are make Marketing Automation more attractive. My google search for images around CLM resulted in quite a number of images – few that made sense for my purposes.

So what is next? I am going to put together the story and make sure it includes a comprehensive view of CLM – in particular –  for this client -from a B2B perspective. Elements of the model must include:

  • Market Segmentation & Targeting
  • Data Management and Cleansing
  • Campaign Management
  • Lead Capture
  • Scoring & Routing
  • New Media, Web and Traditional Channels
  • Business and Audience Intelligence
  • Marketing Dashboard
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