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Use Digital to Do What You Do Best!

The proliferation of web access anytime, on demand, using personal computers and smart mobile devices, is introducing new opportunities for Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to do what they do best – deepen and enhance relationships.

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Advisors enjoy a highly personal and valued relationship with their clients over a long term, if not a lifetime.  And referrals remain the central strategy for new clients. However, while traditional approaches will always be important, investor decision-making is changing and the web is playing an increasingly important role.  For example, many investors are using Internet search engines, including social search, to self-select advisors.  Having a foundation web/social media presence and digital marketing are no longer a nice-to-have, but a must have for RIAs to be successful today.

Advisors can take advantage of digital strategies to add velocity to what they already do well through more traditional means:

  • Deepening relationships with clients who want to engage online
  • Building exposure and reputation
  • Nurturing and qualifying prospects who find you online

Schwab’s RiA Stands For You campaign resources can help power your digital strategy. You can start small or start big, or simply enhance what you’re already doing.  Below are some simple to more involved tips to drive reach and engagement with #rias4u

Build Retention & Referrals

  • Include rias4u content in quarterly reporting distributions or newsletters to trigger easy referrals
  • Add links to a page on the RiA Stands for You site at the bottom of your email signatures
  • Use Cloze or a Job Change Notifyer with LinkedIn to find money in motion

Enhance Prospect Engagement

  • Place an FAQ on your website that answers questions about the firm for prospective clients and enhance it with RiAS4U content/messaging.
  • Add RiAS4U logo and brand elements to your websites

Generate New Leads

  • Update your third-party profiles like Fee Only Network and NAPFA with core messaging from the campaign
  • Deploy and integrate an online form on your website triggered by aRiAS4U call-to-action (CTA) “invitation” (withRiAS4U messaging and branding).  This will allow prospects to self-select the CTA and complete the form to, for example, learn about the RIA difference and complete a self-assessment online.
  • Alternately or in addition, email prospects with the invitation that links to the online form.

Let us help:

We can get you up and running with smart digital strategies. Here are two options:

  1. Download the Revenue Performance Diagnostic
  2. Schedule a 1/2 hour complimentary consultation here!



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