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Increase Revenue at a Lower Cost of Sales

Many management experts remind us to find the most important element to manage and stay focused on it! What is that “one thing” for increasing revenue?

I would argue that most important factor is the difference in the amount of revenue produced by the top sales person compared to the average salesperson during the first years of a product’s introduction.


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Three Reasons to Audit Your Sales Messaging

Improving the quality and completeness of sales messages delivers hard ROI. Here are three reasons you should review the content your sales teams are using and take a diagnostic approach to assess the effectiveness of your sales messaging: Three Reasons to Audit Your Sales Messaging: 1) Reduce the time required for achieving channel effectiveness:  Channel […]

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Better Salespeople Need Less Sales Enablement Content

Generating revenue and winning customers requires a balance of good content and confident sales. Design your sales enablement content around what your medium-skilled salespeople need. Your top salespeople have sufficient confidence and sales skill that they don’t need a lot of content to be successful in their sales efforts. However an average salesperson with less confidence and […]