Bad Sales Guy

Generating revenue and winning customers requires a balance of good content and confident sales. Design your sales enablement content around what your medium-skilled salespeople need.

Bad Sales Guy

Your top salespeople have sufficient confidence and sales skill that they don’t need a lot of content to be successful in their sales efforts. However an average salesperson with less confidence and less sales skill will require much more content.  Top sales people usually need less content because they are able to develop a greater level of customer relationship and trust.

One of the responsibilities of sales management is to specify the content requirements that sufficiently augments the sales skills of the average salesperson so that revenue is successfully generated.

Because needed content usually resides in multiple departments, including Product Management, Marketing, and within the customer base, it must be clearly specified.

“62% of buyers said that content is either not relevant or not useful. Buyers said they want shorter buying cycles, but the lack of relevant information to educate them, and all other influencers, is slowing things down.”

IDC, 2012 Sales Enablement Strategy: Content is King So Why Does Sales Feel Like a Jester?

In our work with Sales training companies and with multiple firms, we have identified 9 specific sales enablement content elements that the average salesperson needs in order to sell successfully.

Assess the quality and completeness of your sales enablement content using the 9-point diagnostic. The results may surprise you!

This is a guest post by Bud Hyler – a member of the Revenue Architects’ expert network.


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