The cost of a website is a bit like the cost of a car. You can spend $5,000 for a ‘get around town’ car, $50,000 for a luxury vehicle or millions for a  transportation fleet!  With today’s open source platforms like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress (among others) and with a vast array of design templates, a small business can deploy a professional responsive website for under $10,000.  But take advantage of professional help to incorporate design and technology customizations, and a site can cost a lot more.

RevenueArchitectsWebsiteSo how can you estimate a website cost and scope and plan the right approach?  How do you effectively work with a web consultant or write a website RFP?

The answer is to  understand key factors and deploy your website in phases.

A phased approach reduces risk and helps align your business needs and budget along the way.

Start with a planning phase to make sure the business goals are clear and the people involved agree on the vision and plan.  For a small business, this phase can be days. But for an enterprise, the strategy phase can be months.  Right-size this phase and use it to develop a clear budget and plan for the subsequent design and build phases.

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