Expanding Your Digital Review

Website assessments are nothing new, yet today we need to be taking a comprehensive view that includes a look at your websites, apps, media and social media presence. So, when you do your next check up, instead of thinking “website assessment”, you should be thinking “digital assessment”. Given how rapidly things are changing in digital strategy and systems, you should be conducting a self-assessment at least each year. When we do this for clients, we call it a “DXI” –  Digital Experience Index. The benefits are clear.

Begin with the free diagnostic tool.

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We are excited to be rolling out a new website today with updates to our messaging as well as a new visual system. The visual system communicates the vision and focus we share with our clients every day: how to build greater marketing and sales agility to respond to a rapidly changing technology, media and competitive environment.

In this post, I thought I would outline the framework broadly including, at a high level, the strategic capabilities that we think all businesses need to build in order to achieve this vision, compete with agility and drive sustainable revenue performance.

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