A Sales Operating Model defines how you plan, organize, motivate, coordinate and control the sales function to meet or exceed revenue objectives.  The sales operating model is part of an integrated Revenue Architecture and full-funnel marketing and sales process.  We help you design your Sales Operating Model around your business model and buyer engagement strategy.

Sales Goals & Metrics

We analyze current state performance and targets for key metrics and build funnel math models that consider a range of factors including;

  • Segments and Territories
  • Customer Mix, Product Mix
  • Funnel Stages
  • Marketing and Sales Roles
  • Average Deal Value (ADV)
  • Customer LTV
  • Sales Velocity, Volumes
  • Sales Capacity

Sales Process

We design the sales process (within the full-funnel process)

  • Sales Processes for Different Buyers
  • Sales Stages and Definitions
  • Stage Rules and Artifacts
  • Stage Metrics

Sales Organization

We help you align the plan, capacity, distribution models and type of staff.

  • Territories and Organization Model
  • Equitable payment schemes, Motivation
  • Recruiting and Developing
  • Administration and Sales Operations

Sales Enablement

We enable successful ales execution and performance.

  • Sales Training
  • Resources and Tools
  • Performance Controls
  • Forecasting
  • Activity Management