Interactive calculators and content tools can be embedded on a website to enable the buyer engagement experience. Interactive tools are more engaging and drive higher conversion rates. They also enable value-based facilitated selling and provide self-sell options for buyers in the revenue funnel. Calculators can blend into your current website design using the website CSS and they can be customized with extensive question types, layout and design options.

Example calculators include:

  • Quizzes and Diagnostics
  • ROI Calculators
  • Product Configurators
  • CPQ Configure-Price-Quote
  • Pricing Calculators

Sales enablement tools like ROI Calculators help consultative sales professionals facilitate discovery calls and ask the right business value questions.

  • Quantify the value of products and services to customers
  • Increase average order value
  • Optimize pricing and limit discounting
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Build value quantification in your existing sales methodology
  • Sell more consistently

Interactive lead generation and lead nurturing tools deepen engagement and drive conversions. These tools can be integrated into marketing campaigns and marketing automation.

  • Diagnostics engage buyers at the top of the funnel and accelerate the sales cycle
  • Surveys engage buyer interest and help build high value content to share on social media
  • Configure, price, quote (CPQ) tools create buyer self-sell and define customer needs

Buyer experience is the new battleground for growth, with sales support service now officially more important buying criteria than both price and products/offerings. Interactive content, calculators and tools are useful across the buyer value chain, from marketing, pre-sales, sales, fulfillment/delivery, service, and customer success.