Effective databases are built organically with opted-in prospects and maintained and nurtured over time.  Yet, for outbound sales engagement, it is also helpful to acquire contact data or enhance existing data with validation tools and profile enhancements. More than 20% of data degrades each year, so databases must be maintained, cleansed, and enhanced regularly.

We work with and source data vendors and services to enhance and append contact and account databases, including:

  • Socially validated contact information
  • Intent data
  • Technology install data (e.g., hardware, software, and SaaS)
  • Social and psychographic data

Benefits include:

  • Pre-lead scoring for smarter focus
  • Measuring buying intent
  • Delivering more targeted messaging
  • Increasing response rates
  • Determine who to reach next
  • Actionable marketing and sales insights.
Revenue Technology