The Digital Experience Index™  is a rapid process to helps a company’s website and brand presence. We use assessment tools and expert analysis to assess websites and identify opportunities based on a range of criteria including:

Design & Branding

How well does the digital presence communicate brand positioning with respect to the desired target market and deliver a professional and engaging look and feel, visual identity and creative design elements.

Content & Narrative

To what degree does verbal communications enhance credibility and deliver persuasive messages for target audiences? Are their content, copy and resources that buyers value in their journey?

Search Visibility & Performance

Are pages optimized with keywords for search engine visibility and is content /blog posts optimized for social sharing and amplification?

UX and Conversions

How effective is the user experience design? Are calls to action, offering content and resources maximizing conversions?

Functionality & Services

Do tools and resources provide specific value for specific visitors? Is the technology platform stable, secure and flexible and is the site using proven technology and reliable hosting services.

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