We offer a flexible range of consulting and agency services at competitive rates.  Services are delivered using one of the following commercial structures:

Monthly Retainers

Monthly retainers are flexible marketing and sales services scoped and sized to fit business needs and budget. Retainers typically include a range of services (e.g. website management, inbound marketing campaigns,  ABM campaigns,  paid search and paid social, content and digital marketing, PR and media relations). Retainers are structured based on mutually developed and pre-planned scope and are priced based on hours allocated at staff rates.

Consulting Projects

Projects may be required for one-time efforts. Projects are individually scoped based on the time and skills required and are offered using either as fixed-price or time and expense.

Blocks of Hours

We offer a flexible “block of hours” approach in 10-hour increments at the individual staff rate.

Time and Expense

Time and Expense supports situations with variable scope and for ad hoc marketing and sales support requirements.

Rate Card and Commercial Approach

Please contact us for a copy of our rate card and commercial practices.