Engage prospects to drive more touches, more qualified leads, and shorter sales cycles using a combination of integrated marketing and sales, advanced tools and technologies, and advanced skills and expertise.

Today’s leaders are integrating programs for top-of-the-funnel demand generation and realizing more predictable and sustainable performance.  A measurable and structured approach to prospection is vital. Even small percentage improvements at the top of the funnel lead to a dramatic impact on the sales pipeline and revenue performance.

Best practices include:

  • Ruthless audience isolation and focus with a rich database/list of contacts in target institutions
  • Highly relevant proposition messaging based on persona and pain point – to start the conversation
  • Smart multi-level discovery questions to uncover real pain points and needs
  • A script and flow that orchestrates the touch and initial engagement and discovery
  • An entree offering or next best action that is easy to understand and an easy step for the prospect to take
  • A seamless process to identify, cultivate, nurture, and transition every sales opportunity
  • An approach to gather account and market intelligence to guide future sales and marketing strategy
Sales Execution