A comprehensive brand identity system is a platform that enables marketing and sales execution. A comprehensive brand and digital platform includes your visual identity, digital presence, and brand collateral systems. Revenue Architecture elements include:

  • DBA Naming. Develop a unique identity and name that distinguishes your firm and positions you with a long-term identity.
  • Visual Brand and Logo. Develop a visual brand identity that distinguishes your company and value proposition and reinforces the brand messages with a logo and brand architecture.
  • Voice. Develop verbal and written expression of your brand to engage your audience and reinforce your vision, values, and principles.
  • Websites and Social Media Presence. Engage prospects and integrate the brand identity and system across web platforms with a modern website.
  • Collateral System. The brand identity systems include enabling collateral and visual templates, including capability decks, brochures, flipbooks, 1-pagers, and offering materials that enable sales and marketing.
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