A typical priority in revenue growth transformation and Revenue Architecture design is getting to the next level of Demand Generation and Buyer Engagement effectiveness.  Quite often, companies come to us with what they perceive as a “marketing execution” issue. When we dig a little deeper in a Diagnostic, it often becomes clear that while there are always improvement opportunity in the mechanics of marketing execution, core issues often revolve around a broader view of buyer engagement strategy.

For better demand generation performance, it is helpful to validate your buyer engagement strategy by answering these 3 central questions and following these 9 best practices:

Buyer engagement and demand generation represent a full-funnel (marketing and sales) process. It requires  effective digital and physical buyer experiences, to attract, engage and convert buyers. Buyer Engagement relies on the orchestration of buyer experiences across marketing and sales, using digital and physical channels – all executed around the buyer’s journey.

For better demand generation performance, it is helpful to validate your buyer engagement strategy by answering these 3 central questions and 9 best practices:

What markets do we compete in and who are our buyers?

  • Markets and Buyers: Effective understanding of ideal customers, market segments and categories to compete in and isolating buyers via Audience Isolation
  • Buyer Attributes: Identifying pain points for different buyer types, shared attributes between buyer groupings, and organizing these via Pain Ladders and Pain Maps.
  • Engagement Personas: Organizing buyers and decision-making units or buying centers based on shared attributes (i.e., pain points) via Engagement Personas.

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How do we earn the right to engage buyers with an equitable exchange of value?

  • Positioning: Articulating a Brand Value Proposition and Offer Value Propositions that differentiate us from the competition.
  • Messaging: Creating Message Maps to define engagement at each stage of the demand funnel and buyer lifecycle.
  • Content: Determining the ideal content asset mix in a Content Architecture aligned with each stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

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How do we access the market and engage buyers with the right experiences?

  • Engagement Mix: Identifying the ideal mix of inbound, outbound and account-based programs and enabling sales via Campaign Architecture.
  • Conversion Experiences: Creating logical Conversion Pathways that align content, messages and channels in the context of engagement, nurture, sales enablement, using Engagement Playbooks.
  • Metrics: Deploying a Metrics-Driven Methodology for continuous optimization of all Sales and Marketing revenue programs.

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We offer Diagnostics and evaluation support for your Revenue Architecture – including a focus on Buyer Engagement.  What is your Buyer Engagement index? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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