There is a continuum of different B2B business models – from luminary consultants to commodity products – and each model needs to have a distinct structure for marketing and sales.  Before we assess sales team readiness, we begin by ensuring that the right revenue architecture (the product and process of marketing and sales) is in place and aligned with the target business architecture.

For businesses with a complex, solution sale or consulting sale, there are sales effectiveness attributes that we look for. Below, we’ve outlined competencies, activities, and attributes for good selling. Sales executives, client managers and account reps that sell complex products, business solutions or consultative services should possess the following:


  • Ability to target the best companies and build long term relationships of mutual value
  • Building up a knowledge profile of the customer
  • Developing clarity and insight about a client’s key business issues
  • Understanding  client needs and influences
  • Understanding of buying cycles, decision-making processes
  • Validating  fit and qualification using a collaborative and approach
  • Conducting executive level facilitation and whiteboard sessions
  • Personalizing the  customer experience –  communication, sales agreements, solutions, and support
  • Producing persuasive and logical communications
  • Building personal relationships
  • Managing account relationships strategically.


  • Developing sales plans to deliver on the objectives.
  • Identifying and leading sales teams
  • Executing the sales company process
  • Managing territory, account relationships, sales targets, using sales tools, prospecting and generating leads
  • Handling objections, discount and incentives, payment terms, payment methods etc.
  • Closing sales, managing contractual details, terms and conditions
  • Measuring  success through indicators and managing to target metrics.


  • Professional commitment and integrity
  • Self motivation and a desire to win
  • Smart and articulate
  • Sense of humor and personality – building relationships
  • Empathy and understanding of  personal drivers and wins with customer relationships.