We were fortunate to escape the confines of the office in order to attend a NEDMA (New England Digital Media Association) Conference at the Boston Common Hotel and Conference Center.  From the moment we walked up to the second floor, we were immediately submerged in innovative ideas and new data that will help shape future marketing campaigns.

Throughout the day, guest speakers highlighted three things – everyone wants more: more info, more choices, and more access.  In this post we will re-highlight key points that we at Revenue Architects think will help you work less, but gain much more.

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How many people have a cell phone?  How many people have an Internet accessible “smart phone”?  How many people own a tablet?

49% of mobile device users have smart phones.  This means that 49% of your potential client base may decide to read your email blast, view your website, or subscribe to your feed – right from their mobile device.  With so many people receiving their information on more than one screen (i.e.: TV, computer, phone, tablet) it is important to make sure you are formatted for every possibility.

Now what happens if one decides to open your website or email on their mobile device?  One of a few things can happen.  It can work – it can work slowly – or it may not work at all.  Unless the site is loading perfectly, potential leads won’t stick around to read your message.  Lets face it – 264 BILLION emails are sent each day with 90% of them filtered as spam.  Will your message get through?

When should you market to a mobile device?

Most people receive their daily dose of news and information while working on the computer.   Shortly after the typical noon or 1pm lunch break, computer usage slows down while mobile device usage increases.  We at Revenue Architects are probably not the only ones that get home from work and sit in front of the TV, playing on a tablet, while talking on the phone.   The use of multiple screens is growing faster than ever before and marketers need to increase their reach in order to capture their audience’s attention.

The most important thing discussed at the NEDMA conference was that it is important to be able to reach your audience across all screens.  Everyone wants more: more info, more choices, and more access.   Everything is going mobile.  End of story.


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