We are often asked about the business case for marketing automation. In the end, it is a numbers game. There are plenty of operational advantages of course  – sales and marketing alignment, single solution replacing point solutions, etc. But, in the end, it is about revenue.

So how does marketing automation increase revenue?

Here are 10 (plus 1 bonus) metrics to consider and some volume impacts you might expect to get from well run marketing automation (and creative campaigns):

Top of the funnel

  • Increase lead volume with creative campaigns, off and on-page strategies (+30-40%)
  • Engage more people with compelling content allowing them to self-sell (+10-20%)
  • Convert more engaged visitors with landing pages and calls to action (+15%)

Middle of the funnel

  • Increase MQLs (marketing qualified leads) with a clear lead profile (+15%)
  • Reduce the number of marketing-generated leads ignored by sales (from ? to 0%)
  • Implement lead scoring based on behaviors, BANT or  SCOTSMAN to increase sales productivity (+10%)
  • Shorten the sales process by working with more educated buyers that self-sell (-20%)

Bottom of the funnel

  • Increase win rates on marketing-generated leads due to improved quality (+10%)
  • Reduce “no-decisions” with tight qualification, lead scoring and nurture programs (-10%)
  • Increase the average order value from the self-sell / cross-sell and solution content (+20%)
  • Reduce discounting and price erosion by competitive insight and firm policies (-10% / pricing +10%)

Plug these into the spreadsheet and go!

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