Blog or BlogsI often hear the use of the word Blogs when referring to what I think of as Blog Posts. While there are no absolute right answers, here is how I suggest you use the terminology:

A Blog: A website with multiple time-sequenced posts. Note, a Blog might not be called “Blog”. It could be called “Resources” or “News”. If it is enabled by blog technology, I call that a Blog!

Blogs:  People usually mean the posts themselves. I would use “Posts” instead… or “blog posts”.

Post: An individual entry or article on a blog.



A blog is short for weblog. A weblog is a website consisting of entries (posts) that are displayed in reverse chronological order with the most recent post appearing first. “Blogs” refers to the universe of blogs – not to individual posts. Blogs are created using software like WordPress or TypePad. Blogging is a verb that means writing posts (not writing blogs).

So if you are wondering if you have “blogs” on your blog…. IMHO you actually have posts… If you have multiple blogs (multiple websites or multiple subject blogs, each with sequential posts), then you might refer to the collection as ‘blogs’.

Good luck marketing, selling – and blogging!

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