While companies ramp up their inbound marketing campaigns, something is happening to their house lists… they are getting tired. Naturally, hot leads find their way to sales. The rest of the new warm leads need nurturing, so they don’t die on the vine. Sending message after message may not get those warm leads any hotter. Unless those messages are targeted, relevant, and timely, companies are only exhausting their lists. The audience loses interest. Now, that’s rotten!

So, what are we left to do?

Continuing inbound marketing campaigns to keep feeding the database with new leads is an option. Augmenting the lists with third-party information to build a fuller profile, is another option. Analyzing customer lists, creating segmentation and a scoring system can help one gain a better understanding of customer’s needs. That is an option too.

No one, especially those in the B2B space, wants to see potentially good lead die on the vine. Sales people don’t want to waste their time calling cold or unqualified leads. Capturing leads, getting as much information as you can to build a profile, and segmenting them into groups is the first step to nurturing leads. Using the customer analysis, one can create targeted relevant messages to re-energize interest. This is the second part of the equation to keeping leads healthy. These tactics help marketers care and nurture healthy leads until they’re ripe sales opportunities.

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