It is not new news that a newsletter can help to strengthen your relationships with clients and to draw in potential new clients.  Small and medium sized business owners that we work with are publishing issues on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. The format, time frame, and content will depend on budget and  priorities, but we recommend a level that you can maintain easily with your capacity and resources. While more publishing and corresponding social media engagement can increase the level of activity on your website, it is pointless to over-commit and detract from your brand identity.

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A year ago, we posted this blog article “I will pretend to sell, if you pretend to buy”. This was a mantra of my old boss and friend, Sherwin Uretsky and one of his famous “12 sins of selling” that I am still trying to remember.

I thought I would dust off the conversation and reinforce the ideas with three key  points.

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Revenue Architects recently released a white paper exploring the rapidly evolving nature of software eCommerce and sharing insights on how to manage this change for maximum revenue growth.

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With the increasing use of the Internet for eCommerce, many pundits had announced the death of the distribution channel for software perhaps assuming that software would be digitally distributed directly to the end user.  But now, more than ever, channels serve an increasingly important role for the software industry. And within just a few years it will likely change more than any other channel in businesses globally.

IndepenWhite Paperdent software vendors (ISVs) will need to understand these changes and the  underlying technology needed to support them.  For example, ISVs must continue to manage their existing channels, many of which are undergoing dramatic change, while taking advantage of new on-line app-stores and affiliate style eMarketplaces.  The corresponding vendor technology solutions for software eCommerce are different from traditional e-Retailing solutions.  Therefore ISVs must also leverage the right solution type, providing both multi-channel management and deep software trade functionality.

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