digital campaigns

With a solid Digital Marketing Foundation, Financial Advisors can run effective, targeted campaigns to build reputation and generate qualified client leads that can be nurtured and won.

Digital Marketing Foundation

  • Target Market Strategy
  • Overall Content Marketing Plan
  • Quality eMail Marketing List & Tools
  • The Right Sponsorship, COIs & Affinity Groups

digital campaigns

Two simple approaches to Launch Campaigns:

  • Use your high value thought leadership content in PDF format for download (e.g., white paper or “RIA Stands For You Content” {RIAS4U} if you are a SchwabRIA).

This could simply be a “Call to Action” button or widget on your website for visitors to click and download the content.  

  • Run an email campaign with content and landing page for lead development

For example take a timely topic that could effect long term asset management or perhaps one that all high-net worth clients face, such as an estate planning or retireCall to Action buttonment planning. It could also be one on the wealth management process itself. Divide into a series of  digestible parts, and include a “call to action” (e.g., for a complimentary consultation) within each email that brings up a landing page for the lead to provide contact information. Schwab RIAs can leverage premium RIAS4U Campaign Content – customized from the RIA Benefits PPT and campaign website content.

Another approach is to do Webinars, Podcasts and/or Meetups

  • Run webinars with your Centers of Influence (COI) partners to nurture a new extended, shared prospect database Podcast
  • Run quarterly Meetups in collaboration with COIs using the same content to facilitate an open discussion and draw in more prospects
  • Consider a Podcast to reach a more mobile and connected audience.  These can be developed for say tips or strategies you are using in your email campaign.Meetup

Whatever campaign approach is taken, it is essential that the content be of value to the target audience, reflect your expertise and draw in qualified prospects that you can nurture on a one-to-one basis with traditional outbound (phone call, meeting, Skype) and/or inbound methods (e.g., social media, webinars,  email drip campaign).  Great efficiency can be gained by having a content marketing calendar and packaging/positioning the same basic content for different target audiences and channels.   All content should be amplified in social media.

Are you ready for the “new marketing”?  We can get you up and running with smart digital strategies. Here are two options:

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  2. Schedule a 1/2 hour complimentary consultation here!


This is Part V, the final part in our Wealth Advisor Marketing series: “Digital is the New Marketing.” Links to the first four in the series provided below.

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