A critical success factor for marketing and sales success is a competitive product or service offering. In dynamic markets, offerings need continuous innovation.  Design Thinking is a process approach that brings a multidisciplinary teams together to build/ enhance products and service offerings for competitive advantage.

Organize for product and service innovation.

  • Align innovation efforts to business goals and future ambition
  • Ensure internal culture and systems are geared to support rather than inhibit innovation
  • Articulate the framework for innovation
  • Set the challenge to direct innovative thinking and effort

Analyze competition and understand the voice of the customer.

  • Review business intelligence, competition and market trends
  • Listen, capture and analyze the voice of the customer
  • Engage customer communities
  • Explore emerging technology, social trends, digital innovations
  • Capture lessons learned to refine thinking.

Discover promising innovations.

  • Direct ideation activity to the most appropriate areas
  • Facilitate collaborative idea development
  • Facilitate communication and engagement across the organization

Assess market attractiveness and our readiness.

  • Apply a common framework for assessing candidate ideas allows comparisons
  • Assess market attractiveness, customer value and ROI for innovation
  • Understand internal readiness and  resources.

Develop Innovations and prepare for market launch.

  • Make product/ service enhancements
  • Prepare for market launch in parallel to development
  • Identify metrics to track

Monitor success and capture learnings.

  • Track the success of products in the market
  • Capture customer feedback.
  • Identify opportunities to further refine products or services
  • Integrate feedback to drive further ideation