We support and deliver fractional sales leadership and tailored training and coaching to drive sales effectiveness and performance. Services include:

  1. Establishing the framework for essential selling skills
  2. Orchestrating the team sales process.
  3. Developing portfolio plans, model weeks, and model months.
  4. Questioning to translate prospect business needs into opportunities.
  5. Developing personal selling style, behaviors, and attributes
  6. Team building and on-the-ground coaching
  7. Competitive account sales strategies and converting must-win deals.

We start by establishing a current baseline and frameworks for sales effectiveness and the process and approach for selling. We design and execute a customized approach to develop, train, and coach sales professionals to drive pipeline volume, velocity, and value and help sales teams reach the next level of sales effectiveness.

The Revenue Architecture Operating Model defines the full-funnel marketing and sales processes, including the customized sales pipeline stages for the active pipeline. We apply best practice models tailored for different businesses, including selling professional services, implementation services, services-led products, complex products, and standard products.