We use paid search / Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to help you get found in online searches and generate traffic, lead conversions, and revenue. Strategies include optimized paid search and display, specialized advertising and retargeting programs.

We survey current paid search accounts and unveil new opportunities for efficiency and performance and develop Audience and Keyword Strategies. Keyword and audience research helps determine the targeting opportunities, including geographic and demographics, bid modification options, and bid adjustments to balance position vs. return.

Paid social strategies include boosting posts on Facebook and LinkedIn and setting up ads on social media platforms. LinkedIn Ad Programs target the largest professional audience based on intent or personas (e.g. job titles, company names, seniority, professional interests).

Ad Retargeting helps expand reach with retargeting and lookalike audiences. (Typically, 95% of paid traffic on a website does not convert. Retargeting allows you to engage with these prospects across other ad networks and on platforms like social media to keep your brand and offering front and center.)

We write Ad Copy and produce Creative assets. Writing effective copy and educated testing of ad copy and extensions to ensure messages served are always helping to achieve your goals. Banner ads designed and created for display/retargeting.

Landing page design helps drive optimization, form conversion, and alert notification emails. Digital tools include SEMRush, Google Analytics, and GA4.