WPEngine is a digital experience platform for WordPress sites that handles hosting, site optimization, security, backups, maintenance, scalability, and uptime – essentially everything but the content and design of the WordPress site. WPEngine also offers 24/7 expert WordPress technical support.

  • #1 managed WordPress hosting platform.
  • 185k+ customers in 150 countries
  • 71 Million+ attacks are blocked every day
  • 24/7/365 award-winning support

The following are WP Engine’s  Terms of Service and Service Level Agreement.

 Service Options

The two options our clients consider are:

  1. Revenue Architects manages the hosting using our dedicated server on WP Engine.
  2. We assist the client in setting up a direct account with WPEngine.

WP Engine Dedicated Server

Revenue Architects offers space on our dedicated server at WP Engine.  The value of a premium server is that sites are not sharing resources with other WP Engine customers. This ensures that sites are hosted on an architecture that can provide a consistent performance profile and eliminate the risk of another WP Engine customer overutilizing resources and causing performance degradation or downtime.  The WP Engine SLA for dedicated plans is 99.99%.  Account users have direct access to the installs that we assign, and services can be migrated seamlessly by WP Engine to a direct account if required.

Revenue Architects’ pricing for hosting is subject to a range of factors, including bandwidth, storage requirements, and traffic. Typical pricing for managed hosting on our dedicated server range from $35-$150 per month. Sharing our dedicated server is significantly less expensive than an equivalent service if purchased directly from WP Engine.

The Revenue Architects Dedicated Server Plan on WP Engine includes the following and can be adjusted to meet capacity requirements.

  • Capacity for up to 50 Cacheable Sites
  • 100 GB Storage
  • 1TB CDN Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Bandwidth
  • Backups Every 24 Hours
  • SSL Certificates Included
  • WordPress Core Updates

WP Engine Direct Account

For clients who would like to establish a direct account with WP Engine, working in collaboration with Revenue Architects, we help facilitate the selection of the right services with WP Engine as an agency partner.  The following is our agency partner affiliate link.

Technical Survey

To get started, we perform a technical survey, in collaboration with WP Engine as required, to size the website, review security and other requirements, and confirm whether the website will fit properly on our existing dedicated server or if it requires a separate dedicated environment.