Progress Software

Progress Software is a global company that offers a leading platform for building and deploying applications quickly and easily. Their mission is to simplify and enable the development, management and deployment of business applications on premises, in any Cloud, on any platform and on any mobile device.

When Progress Software acquired an open source software division, they inherited over 10,000 trail downloads per month. However, they were struggling with scaling the business because the high lead flow was not converting to pace. It was difficult for sales to prioritize prospects for follow-up, and new leads engagement was underperforming. The solution was to help the marketing and sales team define and build an effective, integrated process to identify and prioritize sales-ready leads with a Burst Nurture program. Revenue Architects’ Keith Sullivan led a team to evolve personas, update messaging, harvest brand equity, build a microsite, and create a host of marketing automation assets. In under six months, lead-to-opportunity conversion increased by 58%.