A key part of the Operating Model is Marketing and Sales Enablement. We design your Revenue Architecture to align with your business model and address buyer engagement challenges. Here are some questions from the team member point of view. Team members expect answers to ensure they are fully enabled.

How do I understand what is expected of me?

  • Job Specification
  • Identification of key result areas
  • Standards of performance
  • Long-term objectives
  • Intermediate targets

What do I need in order to meet my objectives?

  • Organizing the sales effort/ territories
  • Responsibility and authority
  • Action plans
  • Coordination and control of sales support/ coaching
  • Resources, tools and assets I need
  • Decentralization of decision making

How am I performing??

  • Control information
  • Performance appraisal, Feedback

How can the company help me improve my performance?

  • Identification of individual training needs
  • Provision of formal guidance
  • Share best practices
  • Coaching, Conducting win/loss reviews
  • Planned variation of work experience

How can I maximize my rewards?

  • Performance-linked payment
  • Non-financial benefits
  • Recognition, Promotion