The Impact of Video

People are wired to consume moving visual images and value video as a preferred medium to learn and engage.  Videos increase efficiency and effectiveness by allowing your audience to self-sell. And they showcase brands and value propositions and educate buyers along their journey.  Four times as many people prefer viewing a video over reading a product description. Companies that use video report a 66% higher average conversion rate.
Three popular types of videos include Brand Videos, Offer Videos, and 1:1 Videos. Brand Videos elevate a brand presence and present value propositions convincingly.  These are typically 1 to 3:00 minutes long. Offer Videos, also known as Explainer Videos, introduce or explain a solution service. These are typically:30 to 3:00 minutes long. 1:1 Videos help present a solution or recommendation to a specific buyer. These vary in length and are produced and shared with a single buyer.

Video Services

A video strategy should be part of a video architecture that considers all stages of the buyer engagement process. We help envision video architectures and design and produce videos for revenue impact.

Our 4-step process:

  1. Envision. Prioritize goals and build a video architecture and message map plus initial scripts and creative concepts.
  2. Pre-Production.  Create a storyboard narrative and align talking points to a timed visual rundown. Practice with on-camera participants so they are conversational and convincing. Design and plan B-roll and imagery.
  3. Production. Prepare talent for on-camera production, dress rehearse on-camera team on talking points and look and record and capture narrative with high fidelity audio and video.
  4. Post Production. Integrate recorded elements and finishing touches -including branding, graphics, and sound design – guided by the storyboard and script.
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