Once markets are selected strategically and competitively,  specific audience segments can be isolated for engagement and build personas. Data-driven audience isolation helps you identify the specific buyer/prospect audience for campaigns and programs.

Strategies we may use for audience isolation include:

  • Audience segmentation based on demographics and firmographics and behaviors.
  • Pulling data from multiple sources, cleaning and combining to create a single database with revenue performance,  campaign performance and customer profile data.
  • Developing insights from past engagement, campaign performance, revenue performance and mix, channels, buyer behaviors and preferences.
  • Building operational persona-based engagement segments which makes targeting and messaging more precise and effective.

Hypotheses and analysis can uncover ideal audience segments:

  • Which marketing efforts and channels deliver the highest CLTV?
  • What is our CLTV and sales penetration by source and geography?
  • What does the data tell us about our ideal customer profile?
  • How do we change our offer and terms to maximize retention, reduce churn and drive conversions?
  • Which buyers should we target based on buyer intent?
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