A Program and Content Calendar is a vital output of the go-to-market strategy. We build program calendars in Smartsheet or Excel. Elements that are included in a program and content calendar (which are columns in the sheet) include Strategy, Channels, Assets, Social Media,


  • Target Audience Segment
  • Target Persona(s)
  • Keywords / Key Phrase
  • Topic Brief

Channels & Amplification

  • Paid Search, Paid Social, Sponsored Content Social media, PR & Influencers, Key Advocates)

Assets (Bill of Material)

  • Core Asset & Visual Aids
  • Social Posts
  • Calls To Action
  • Landing Page
  • Email
  • Invitations
  • Sales Script

Operational Elements

  • Owner
  • Target completion date
  • Content/ Details Live URL
go-to-market strategy