Outbound Sales Lead Generation drives more touches, more qualified leads and shorter sales cycles. A combination of tools, technologies and expertise along with best practice buyer engagement strategies, messaging and tactics help teams better connect and convert ideal prospects.

Outbound Email

Send emails one at a time vs. large batches of emails sent all at once. For instance, limiting email volume to fewer than 300 emails a day can improve email deliverability and response rates. Emails can be managed in a sequence using  automation tools.

LinkedIn Engagement

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and send automated connection requests to your ideal customer profiles then send LinkedIn messages over time to generate a response.

Illustrative Program
  1. Define ideal customer segments and personas
  2. Build buyer messaging, subject lines and email messages
  3. Identify access to market including LinkedIn and email channels for optimal buyer access
  4. Build database with intent data and enable automation
  5. Craft funnel sequences and scripts, execute and monitor program
  6. Execute lead generation, engagement and follow-up.
Sales Execution