We integrate PR and Analyst Relations into your revenue program, helping determine what you want to accomplish, while considering internal and external factors. The PR program is designed to make your message clear and consistent and incorporate a mix of PR and Analyst Relations elements.

  • PR Plan – We set up the framework to reach your objectives using media outreach, blog posts and bylined articles, speaking opportunities, and social media engagement designed to promote your mission and heighten brand awareness and visibility. We build a content plan for curation and creation and an editorial calendar to organize brand communications and message delivery.
  • Social Media Marketing – Engage where your audience is using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. We also engage on 3rd party ‘outposts’ or marketplaces specific to your industry. Social platforms help amplify the success to your business, creating brand advocates and helping drive visibility, leads and sales.
  • Influencer Marketing –  Companies can take advantage of influencers to succeed and IRM platforms become a “system of record” to manage, expand, validate, and scale global  influencer marketing.
  • Media Outreach – We help you devise a media listing for your target audience, then work with you to develop the right hooks/themes for coverage as you interact with the media. This can include ‘meet and greet’ events with targeted media and using wire services and social media to send out a press releases.
  • Media Training & Coaching – Media training and coaching helps you to feel confident and be prepared to make the most out of interview opportunities. We  coach your media spokesperson to be prepared to speak with the media.
  • Analyst Relations – We work with firms that rely on strong analyst relations to help gain mindshare with industry analysts, journalists, and key influencers.