Account-Based Marketing Programs

Customer acquisition program design is based on the business architecture, product architecture and buyer architecture,  Account-Based Marketing is a powerful approach to use when you have a clearly defined addressable market of accounts and high value sales. We use Account-based Everything (ABE) to promote the importance of fully integrating marketing and sales. New technologies for targeted advertising, personalization, predictive account selection, contact discovery, modular content, and account collaboration enable the account-based approach.

Account-based Marketing (or ABE) is the ‘go-to’ strategy for top tier accounts. Larger scale ABM can uses mass customization elements to scale program resources across a broader account base.

Closed Loop Architecture for Account Based Marketing

The closed-loop revenue architecture uses a continuous data and technology-enabled process to collaboratively engage accounts with the right messages at the right time and over the right channels.

  • Analysis.Target addressable market  and account selection. Account engagement insights informed account plans and prospect behaviors.
  • Insights: Accounts, personas, behaviors inform personalized experiences concepts as well as unique selling propositions.
  • Opportunities: Customer acquisition and plays are defined prioritized and aligned.
Closed Loop Marketing Architecture
  • Campaigns: Account plays are orchestrated and aligned with the buyer life-cycle.
  • Engagement: Account personas are engaged with the right messages, content and experiences.
  • Conversions: Conversions are optimized at each stage of the buy-sell process to understand awareness, engagement and MQAs.