Your website, social media profiles and digital presence are vital customer touchpoints and offer an important first impression and engagement opportunity. The website is often the first place a visitor goes to learn about your company and your offerings.  An effective website is designed around the buyer and buyer journey to progressively guide users while optimizing conversions.

We use a phased approach for website design and development.


We begin with a Digital Experience Index and gain an understanding of the business strategy and role for the website. We clarify purpose and vision and develop a preliminary sitemap. We also explore design direction, likes and dislikes and determine high level functional, visual design, copy and narrative, conversion and technical requirements.

  • Clarify the purpose and vision and define requirements for the website and digital / brand presence
  • Determine business functional and technical requirements and scope,
  • Define visual design, copy and narrative, conversions via calls to action requirements
  • Develop a sitemap


During the Experience Phase, we create the visual design including visual elements and we construct website pages incorporating content, colors and imagery and graphic elements. 

  • Establish the technology platform and environment
  • Design the visual experience, visual elements
  • Build website page templates and incorporate content, colors, imagery and graphic elements
  • Implement on-page search engine optimization (SEO) coding


Launch involves the implementation and testing custom technology elements, treatments, content, imagery, website components and plugins. We test site elements for look and feel and functionality.

  • Review on staging server to ensure the site is fully ready prior to a go-live
  • Conduct final testing including elements for look and feel and functionality
  • Confirm roll-out and go live plan
  • Launch/ Go-live


We manage WordPress websites and provide ongoing website management with up-to-date for security and performance elements. Activities include:

  • Advanced WordPress hosting
  • Monitor site performance
  • Update software, feature and security elements
  • Maintain SEO performance
  • Manage social media platforms and profiles
  • Publish and amplify copy and content.

Bandwidth, visitor volume and site usage forecasts may suggest specific hosting and technical solutions. Sites that include applications, tools, streaming media, and downloads may require more bandwidth, whereas sites which lean towards text information require less capacity.  Security, management and performance are critical elements in the selection. Our advanced WordPress hosting services  uses a dedicated server for higher performance.

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