Your website, social media profiles, and digital presence are vital customer touchpoints and offer an important first impression and engagement opportunity. The website is often the first place a visitor goes to learn about your company and offerings.  An effective website is designed around the buyer and buyer journey to guide users while optimizing conversions progressively.

We specialize in WordPress, including Block Themes, and use a phased website design and development approach.

We begin with an Envision Phase to understand the business strategy and role of the website. We clarify the purpose and vision and develop a preliminary sitemap. We also explore design direction, likes and dislikes and determine high-level functional, visual design, copy and narrative, conversion, and technical requirements.

  • Clarify the purpose and vision and define requirements for the website and digital / brand presence.
  • Determine business functional and technical requirements and scope.
  • Define visual design, copy, narrative, and conversion requirements.
  • Develop a sitemap.

During the Experience Phase, we create the site with visual design, including visual elements, custom imagery, and layouts. 

  • Establish the technology platform and environment.
  • Design the visual experience visual elements.
  • Build website page templates and incorporate content, colors, imagery, and graphic elements.
  • Implement on-page search engine optimization (SEO) coding.

The Launch Phase involves testing and go-live activities.  We test site elements for look, feel, and functionality.

  • Conduct final testing, including elements for look and feel and functionality.
  • Confirm the roll-out and go-live plan.

In the Manage Phase, we maintain websites with up-to-date security and performance elements. Activities include:

brand presence