Phase Zero

“Phase Zero” establishes the foundation and sets the plan for buyer engagement

Phase Zero is an accelerated approach that we use to design initial programs and establish the foundation required for marketing and sales execution. We begin where you are to identify and then fill in any gaps required

The process begins with an introduction to the Revenue Architecture framework and a diagnostic gap analysis. We evaluate 9 Revenue Architecture dimensions (and 27 steps). Depending current state gaps and priorities, we then work with your teams to address gaps and prepare to launch buyer engagement programs.

4 Workshops:

  • Overview & Business Context
  • Revenue Strategy
  • Revenue Systems
  • Revenue Programs

Following the workshops, we agree a specific plan to fill in the gaps required in the revenue architecture and launch initial programs.

Markets & Buyers – buyers we seek to engage.

  • Identify priority markets
  • Segment markets to identify target audience and engagement personas
  • Prioritize initial engagement opportunity based on external and internal readiness

Valued Offerings – buyer lifecycle messages 

  • Assess product / market fit and competitive advantage
  • Build top level value propositions
  • Develop lifecycle messaging for personas and DMUs

Go-to-Market – strategies to access buyers

  • Determine ‘campaign archetypes’, funnel math and SLAs
  • Identify specific campaigns, channels and media mix
  • Establish the campaign calendar, plan and timeline

Brand Presence – brand, website, channels and collateral

  • Create visual design enhancements as required
  • Deploy/ enhance the website, social channels, collateral and marketplace presence
  • Ensure the brand platform is managed for consistency

Revenue Technology – The marketing and sales technology stack

  • Validate the technology architecture and data flows
  • Select and deploy components (marketing automation, CRM, CDP, etc.)
  • Integrate the stack and data flows

Operating Model – The revenue organization and process

  • Design / deploy the  full-funnel process for demand generation and sales pipeline
  • Ensure the organization structure aligns with the go-to-market strategy
  • Enable teams for successful execution

Marketing Execution – Demand generation programs

  • Design and construct marketing campaigns
  • Build campaign content, test and launch programs
  • Optimize campaign performance

Sales Execution – Engaging prospects and orchestrating sales

  • Organize outbound sales prospection
  • Orchestrate opportunities through the sale pipeline
  • Close sales

Customer Execution – Servicing and delighting customers

  • Deliver products and services effectively
  • Service relationships
  • Delight people.

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