Program Management Best Practices

When we engage clients in building and deploying an agile revenue architecture or launching a new and innovative program  we recognize that one of the more complex change program, it is important to recognize best practices and to adapt these to the needs of the program. The following is a list of program and project delivery best practices. Each item has a corresponding set of best practices.

Approaching revenue architecture as a change process.

  • Recognizing that building a revenue architecture requires a commitment at every level
  • Building a case to make the investment rational to stakeholders
  • Prepare the plan to make it ready to execute
  • Organize resources to make it happen
  • Reinforce the value and impact and make it stick.

Govern the program effectively

  • Clarify decision making and oversight roles
  • Establish clear delivery accountability
  • Implement gated decision processes

Manage the portfolio of initiatives

  • Align strategically
  • Prioritize implementation
  • Monitor and refine the portfolio plan

Manage projects effectively

  • Establish the business cases and benefits model
  • Adopt the right project delivery methodology
  • Learn continuously