FAQ for Revenue Architects


What kind of clients do you work with?

We focus on businesses that manage a considered sales process. Particular industry verticals include B2B, Financial Services and Life Sciences companies.


What services do you deliver?

We offer services in three groups. Visit the services pages to learn more.:


Example projects:

  • A digital strategy for the Animal Health Division of a Life Sciences Company
  • Audience acquisition and advertising program for a leading Internet Television Service
  • Comprehensive Integrated Marketing for a B2B Technology and Services company
  • Selecting a marketing automation solution for a technology company
  • Delivering full service marketing solutions for registered investment advisors
  • Designing a new user experience (UX and IU) for an early stage nutrition software and services firm
  • Delivering value-added programs targeting investment advisors for a mutual fund company
  • Managing integrated and multi-touch content campaigns for technology product VAR
  • Designing and deploying WordPress websites and inbound marketing solutions for financial advisors
  • Building advanced web applications for media and publishing company
  • Delivering compliance solutions for wealth management clients
  • Designing customer acquisition and lead generation programs with SEO, PPC and Social Media


How do you work with clients?

We typically serve one or more of the following roles:

  • Trusted Advisor – shaping strategies, developing plans and providing advice and recommendations for growth initiatives
  • Delivery Partner – program manage revenue initiative to ensure successful delivery with your teams and partners
  • Solution Builder – providing single-source end-to-end delivery of sales and marketing campaigns and programs.

Client Partners manage engagements and bring expertise across the sales and marketing value chain. They also engage members of our core team and professional network across different disciplines within marketing, sales and technology.

What is your pricing?

Our engagement structures are flexible based on client needs and include fixed-fee, hourly and retainer-based contracts. Pricing is based on the resource blend our clients need to deliver. We also offer a series of marketing-as-a-service packages. Each team member has a billing rate which translates into a fee for service for the team.


What makes Revenue Architects different?

  • We focus on the revenue value chain  – across sales and marketing – allowing us to focus our expertise with our clients
  • We bring insights on the marketing and sales capabilities needed for the ‘complex’ or considered sales environment
  • We have expertise in digital marketing, new media and integrated marketing solutions
  • We understand that success requires an architecture that includes the right combination of people, processes, content and technology
  • We align by industry to understand the content of our client’s business so we can accelerate our impact
  • We provide a flexible and adaptive approach so we can bring the right resources for the job and address a broader range of issues.


What are your primary areas of expertise?

The depth and breadth of our expertise is only limited by our core team and consulting network. In some respects, based on this approach, we have no practical limits to our expertise. However, our focus is  on critical areas of revenue performance, we place a primary emphasis on integrating sales and marketing, building revenue architecture – creating effective revenue strategies, systems and program that fits your business.

  • Customer Journey and the considered sales process
  • Wealth Management Marketing, B2B, Services, Financial Services
  • Revenue-focused strategy development and program management
  • Inbound marketing campaigns and programs
  • Digital media and advertising programs
  • Customer Acquisition with paid, earned and owned media
  • Marketing Automation and CRM solutions
  • Sales enablement and Sales Process.


What is the history of Revenue Architects?

  • Our concept began in 2003 based on experiences at Viant – a leading builder of digital businesses
  • The company launched formally in 2009 as a Massachusetts LLC. following our work with Cross Tech Media and the Inbound Marketing Summit with HubSpot
  • The company is built on the team’s deep background in sales, marketing, digital business and management consulting
  • Our Advisory Board brings extensive experience from industry, technology, sales and marketing
  • Today, with a strong and growing core team and network, Revenue Architects is innovating our services and growing with our clients.


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