A Revenue Marketing Plan should tackle three key areas:

Strategy:  How are you going to differentiate in the face of competitive pressure?

  • Who will you target?
  • What are your buyer personas?
  • What do your buyers want?
  • What is your unique positioning?
  • What are your service offerings and pricing for different segments?
  • What are the metrics that will drive your business?
  • Where will your revenue come from across your current client base and new clients?

Systems:  What are the elements of your revenue engine?

  • Is your brand and messaging platform delivering the credibility you need for your target audience?
  • Are your processes clear and your team aligned?
  • Is your web presence effective for your goals and target audience?
  • Do you have the right technology – including marketing automation and CRM?
  • Are your collateral and branded assets in place and ready as a “sales system”?
  • Are you organized for success with the right team and resources for marketing and sales?

Programs: What are your campaigns and programs plan?

  • Have you envisioned marketing programs and defined the campaign and content calendar?
  • Are you taking advantage of centers of influence and affiliates in your market?
  • Are you creating the right content using the right media to engage the market and expand your visibility?
  • What mix of media (owned, earned and paid) fit with your target metrics, region and audience?
  • Is your business development and selling process effective and well executed?


How We Help

Our approach tackles these three questions through a logical process. The goal is to help you engage the market with the right campaigns and sales programs. The process begins with a revenue marketing diagnostic to assess your vision, where you are today, and the gaps you need to fill to achieve your goals.