Buyer Engagement Index

Buyer Engagement Index: Explore the Essential Components of World-Class Buyer Engagement

Research shows that as many as 70% of B2B marketing and sales teams are not meeting their revenue objectives. Teams are looking for ways to increase volumevaluevelocity and revenue performance of their funnel through effective demand generation and pipeline opportunity management.

That’s why we offer customized workshops on the essential components of effective Buyer Engagement.  Effective full-funnel buyer engagement is the critical element in boosting revenue performance.

Are you engaging buyers with high value experiences?

  • Do you really understand your audience? A deep understanding of each buyer segment, buyer personas and buyer processes helps drive the efficiency and effectiveness of revenue programs.
  • Are you messaging accounts and buyers effectively and with the right experiences and content? By understanding buyer pain points, you can build message maps that better engage individual buyers at each stage of their buying process.
  • Do you have the right campaign architecture? There is a lot of hype around Inbound Marketing, Account-Based Marketing and Content Marketing. While these are great tactics, the buyer engagement strategy defines the mix of marketing and outbound selling tactics you need.
  • Do you have a full-funnel approach with Sales and Marketing teams executing collaboratively? Effective marketing and sales execution involves deep buyer understanding and empathy, persuasive selling and marketing and high-value relationship management.

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In the workshop, we review the essential components of a Buyer Engagement and review your the 9 principles of buyer engagement.

“Few marketers are aligning the requisite elements of high-performance buyer engagement. Developing content and campaigns, as well as deploying marketing technology in the absence of a buyer engagement strategy is like building a house without architectural blueprints or a foundation.”